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10.8-12V li-ion, 1hour smarter faster charger for cordless drills

10.8-12V li-ion, 1hour smarter faster charger for cordless drills
Product Detailed

10.8-12V li-ion, 1hour smarter faster charger for cordless drill MSR14.4-2Li and DF330DWE

Input voltage: 110V-240V,

Rate frequency: 50-60Hz

Input currency1.5A


DC output:12.6V


Fit for Triumx model: MSR14.4-2Li and DF330DWE cordless drills drivers



  Keep the battery charger away from rain or moisture. Penetration of water in the battery charger increases the risk of an electric shock.


a) Do not charge other batteries. The battery charger is suitable only for charging accompanied batteries or from original factory. Otherwise there is danger fire and explosion.

b) Keep the battery charger clean. Contamination may increase the risk of electric shock. 

c) Before using, always check the battery charger, cable and plug. If defects are detected, do not use the battery charger. Never open the battery charger by yourself. Have repairs performed only by a qualified technician and only using original spare parts. Damaged battery chargers, cables and plugs increased the risk of an electric shock.

d)Do not operate the battery charger on easily inflammable surfaces(e.g., paper, textiles, etc) or surroundings. The heating of the battery charger during the charging process can pose a fire hazard.

f)In case of damage and improper use of the battery, vapours maybe emitted . Provide for fresh air and seek medical help in case of complaints. The vapours can irritate the respiratory system.



Maintenance and cleaning

If the battery charger should fail despite the care taken in manufacturing and testing procedures, repair should be carried out by an authorized after-sales service agent.



TROUBLE AND SOLUTIONS OF CHARGER                               




No charging procedure(continuously light of charger indicator)

Battery not inserted properly

Properly insert battery into charger

Battery contacts contaminated

Clean the battery contacts(e.g. by inserting and removing the battery several times) or replace battery

Battery defective

Replace the battery

Charger indicator does not light up

Mains plug of battery charger not plugged into socket properly

Insert main plug(fully)into the socket outlet.

Socket outlets, mains cable or battery charger defective

Check the mains voltage; have the battery charger checked by an authorized after-service agent.




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